The Congress

Segment J: Legislation and sectoral regulations

Moderator: – “Situation file on the “JAMON SERRANO” PGI proposal in the EU” Speaker: Javier Maté, Deputy Director General of Differentiated Quality and Ecological Production- Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Spain “The official accreditation and the standard of Iberian products” Speaker: Ignacio Pina, ENAC “PGI- Pig of the meadow. A need for the sector”

Segment I: Marketing and trends

Moderator: “4.0 Industry in the field of cured ham” Speaker: Israel Muñoz, IRTA “Emotional marketing, consumer perceptions, Communication (consumer, category and corporate) … aimed at the ham sector” Speaker: Félix Muñoz, consultant and professor of Marketing and Communication at IE Business School

Segment H: Sales and consumption

Moderador: – “The new global Retail and Ham. The perfect combination” Speaker: Laureano Turienzo

Segment G: Ham in the world

Moderator: ICEX “Evolution of exports in recent years-some keys to export to PPTT” Speaker: Carlos del Hoyo, Director of Promotion of the Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español “Spanish ham in JAPAN: The complacency of a large market after 20 years” Speaker: Naoto Watanabe, President of the Japan Cured Ham Association

Segment F: Nutrition

Moderator: Mónica Flores “The health impact of cured ham consumption”. Nutritional benefits of cured ham from white pigs and Iberian pigs Speaker: F. Murillo, School of Medicine, Universidad de Sevilla “Cured ham as a source of L-carnitine. Previous benefits and room for improvement” Speaker: Josué Delgado, Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital. UGC Cardiology. CIBERCV. IBIMA “Functional …

Segment E: Food safety

Moderator: Margarita Medina “The formation of BIOFILMS in the meat industry: Origin, risks and elimination alternatives” Speaker: Joaquín V. Martínez, reseacher at the National Institute of Food and Agriculture Research and Technology (INIA) – Madrid “The impact of reducing nitrifying agents in cured ham: Risks and benefits” Speaker: Manuela Fernández, School of Veterinary Medicine, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Segment D: Sensory properties

Moderator: Antonio Silva “New contributions to the study of emotions associated with cured ham consumption” Speaker: Sonia Ventanas, Universidad de Extremadura “CURED HAM: From the intimate to the universal” Speaker: Françoise Dedieu, Winemaker, professor of enology at the Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse and enology research engineer. Expert of the INAO – Institut National des Appellations d’origine “Use …

Segment C: Product quality

Moderator: J. Vicente Olmos “Reflections on the evolution of the physical properties of ham: water activity, freezing point, thermophysical properties, water and salt diffusion, impact of freezing, etc.” Speaker: Pere Gou, Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA) “The impact of proteolysis on final product quality” Speaker: Leticia Mora, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) – Institute of …

Segment B: Production processes

Moderator: Jacint Arnau “Reducing the heterogeneity of salt content and flavour” Speaker: Elena Fulladosa, Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA) “Using low-sodium salt” Speaker: Julio Tapiador, Divisa Ibérica “Standardizing cured ham using permeable ageing bags” Speaker: Jorge Ruiz, Universidad de Extremadura – IPROCAR  

Segment A: The pig as raw material

Moderator: Clemente López Bote  Swine Genetics. PROYECTO TREASURE Speaker: Dra.  Marjeta Candek-Potokar, Senior Scientist at the Institute of Agriculture of Slovenia – University of Maribor, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Slovenia Speaker: Herveline Lenoir, Técnica en genética, especialista de la conservación de los recursos genéticos de las razas porcinas autóctonas de IFIP – Institut du …

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